“It’s not having what you want…”

“…it’s wanting what you’ve got.”
Things I need to do:
* See that my MacBook fits my existing Timbuk2 grip sleeve. It’s a close one, but it does fit. The MB is basically 13x9x1, which just fits the Small-size grip sleeve I originally bought for a 12″ PowerBook. (The Small is actually a little snug for a 12″ iBook, I discovered, but it works out OK for the MB.)
* See about replacing the lining in my Indy jacket. (The duct tape isn’t working anymore.)
* Settle on a browser I think OmniWeb 5.5 is the browser of record at least until OS X 10.5 ships – its newer version of WebCore and fast rendering of multiple pages puts it ahead of the Gecko browsers. Now if only they could put the tabs on top instead of on the side…
* If my car had fifty thousand fewer miles and a sunroof, I’d work on getting the door replaced but good, and maybe put in a new head unit and sat-radio tuner. As it is, I’m not sure about the value of putting more than $500 into a car with 204K miles on it. Although as long as my usage is still less than 500 miles a month, it also seems foolish to put too much stock in buying a new car.

I need an offline client…

…or do I? I have tried ecto and MarsEdit, and neither strikes me as bulletproof intuitive. I mean, after all, it’s a text editor with FTP built in, how hard can it be?
Maybe I should just stick to the web interface. I’ll probably have a live connection anytime I’d want to blog, anyway.
The less said about today’s football, the better.

Here goes nothing…

FIve minutes in and Vandy is already down 7-0. I think I speak for all of Commodore Nation when I say that moral victories are out of style. 5-6 and beat UT was a good year, but we need actual wins, not just covering the spread and keeping it close.

You know what’s a shame?

* Graham Norton didn’t take off in the US.
* Celtic and Rangers aren’t in the Premiership.
* Timbuk2 discontinued the Ace pack.
* We’re out of soda with actual flavors in it.
* My car is still at work.