Football Wrapup

VANDY 10, BAMA 13: I don’t know what was worse – Vandy leading and fighting hard only to let it slip away again, or the fact that the winning points came off the leg of Van Tiffin’s SON. I am SO OLD. Haven’t actually seen the replay yet – I am anxious to see whether John Parker Wilson looks like a viable option at QB. I am not sanguine about the prospects for the Bama defense if they couldn’t contain a weakened Vanderbilt – as I told somebody last night, just once, I’d like to see what it’s like for one of my teams to run up the score…
CAL 42, MINNESOTA 17: A very necessary win for Cal – important to soundly thump an opponent and get their confidence back. Nate Longshore is finally starting to look like a viable QB. The big problem I have is the extent to which they have incorporated the spread to the exclusion of their previous pro set – if you’d told me they would be working out of the option at UT with less than a dozen handoffs to Lynch, I never would have predicted a Cal win – in fact, I would have predicted Cal getting eaten alive. So much remains to be seen – after Portland State next week (probable win) it’s all Pac-10. Maybe the spread will work on them.
MORTON 2, COWDENBEATH 1: Scottish Second Division action. Morton thumps their nearest foe in the standings to go 4 points clear at the top of the table. Promotion here we come!!

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