Whuckometer pegged

So CBS Sunday Morning ran a blowjob of an interview with Mitch Daniels, the former Bush-era OMB director-turned-governor of Indiana, who famously flaked on running for President in 2012.  And predictably, he goes on and on about how much the federal government needs to balance its budget and how tough choices need to be made.

Now, I could point at the explosion of debt from the Bush tax cuts – as laid out by the OMB under Mitch Daniels – and post the graphic about those cuts account for almost all of the budget imbalance not related to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Or I could point out that Indiana receives more federal benefits than it pays in federal taxes.  But the only thing that needs to be said is that if Mitch Daniels is so concerned, he had a choice.  He could have run for President, and he chose not to.

There’s no reason to heed the opinions of a bitch-ass.

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