Vice Glorified and Virtue Unrewarded…again

So apparently the NCAA’s year of sniffing around Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers came to nothing.  Sigh.  Now we have an eternity of indignant Auburn fans ranting about “HATERRRRRZ” and “FAMBLY” and basically claiming complete vindication for their particular brand of cracker paranoia.

I think the reason the story got so much traction is because it just offended reason on so many levels.  The notion of a vagabond player (third collegiate team in as many years) who shows up and wins everything before leaving straightaway seems like something out of a Marx Brothers college football picture.  More to the point, the notion that said vagabond could run a high school offense to a 14-0 record in the SEC is risible on its face – and points up the extent to which the SEC is not what it used to be, and hasn’t been for a couple of years.

Most of all, though, is the way in which one instance where Auburn was in the clear is supposed to suddenly render them purer than the driven snow, after the ages upon ages of Bobby Lowder running the school as his personal plantation and almost losing their collegiate accreditation as a result.  Nobody likes Auburn fans, and this is going to make them more unbearable than ever.

But yes, Auburn walks away with their trophy.  Just like Tennessee football reported a dozen violations under Lane Kiffin and caught no penalty for them.

Honestly, I’m about sick of being in the SEC if it means we play with both hands tied behind our back.  It’s not enough that we have to compete with schools that give away diplomas for rolling slowly through the parking lot, it’s that we play it straight and narrow and abide by the rules and put academics first and do everything we’re supposed to – and for our trouble we get to be the SEC’s personal doormat (with the exception of LOL Miss, our own personal doormat).  And now, unless you’re a big-time historical power that the NCAA wants to make an example of, well, forget it, you’re fine.  Especially if you’re doing well already.

If this is what SEC football has come to, then fuck the SEC.  Let’s find a conference that’s at least embarrassed to be a whorehouse.

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