Things have changed

I don’t know how it went down at the end of the game. Largely because I was busy drinking half a dozen cocktails in a speakeasy in San Francisco for most of the game, and they don’t exactly appreciate people hunched in a corner hitting reload on Sportacular over and over. But apparently, somebody had the ass at the end of the Vandy-Georgia game, and words were exchanged, and the shit just about jumped off.

Which. Is. AWESOME.

Look, I’m not saying we need to remake ourselves into the classic era Oakland Raiders, or the 80s Miami Hurricanes, or any Lane Kiffin team. But for far too long, we have been a doormat. More to the point, we’ve lived like a doormat. Terrible body language, shoulders slumped, no fire – remember 2007? Georgia barely escaped with their nuts against a sub-.500 Vandy team and felt sufficiently enthusiastic to dance en masse on the midfield logo, such that Mark Richt felt compelled to apologize after – and we basically sat there and let them do it.

And now, we actually have Georgia fans invading the board to rage about alleged cut blocks and dirty play and blah blah blah, as if this was Auburn or something. Meanwhile, who’s gotten the call back message from the SEC? Yup – Georgia’s defensive coordinator.

And you know why they’re mad? Because they didn’t cover. Because we had two plays at the end that could have won it. Because this team has more players from Georgia than any other state, and because Coach Franklin has been shuttling between high school games in Georgia via helicopter, and getting commitments.

The reason Georgia is mad is because the Bulldogs and Commodores have momentum in opposite directions, and the second-tier teams are going to be the first to feel the difference.

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