Dear Santa

I have been a good boy this year. Well I have been a reasonable boy this year. Well let’s not get into it, mistakes were made, I didn’t make them, anyway…instead of giving you another laundry list of things I can’t have that aren’t available for purchase or manufacture, I would say thanks for the stuff I was brought this year, namely, to wit, viz.:

* My American Giant work shirt, which I had as a throw-in on the wish list and turned into my most-worn garment of 2018. And with it, my Ebbets Field Vanderbilt cap and my new glasses, which combined to make my new uniform, more or less.

* The new Mac mini, which made it possible to build our KVM-based lab and enable the dream of working completely remotely successfully, something I hope to put to the test in 2019.

* The unearthing of the old blogs and journals and notes and being able to reflect fifteen years to see how much of what I wanted in years gone by has actually come to pass, whether it’s Alden boots, Switzerland, the notional iPhone 6C-turned-SE, or a quiet pint in a quiet pub whether in San Jose or Galway.

* iOS 12, with the imagination-stirring of Siri Shortcuts and the voice activation in low-power mode and the continuing viability of the aforementioned iPhone SE, suitable to carry unlocked to London or Dublin or maybe even Patagonia.

* The bus, and the ability to get to work without the hassle and inconvenience of driving or dealing with an overloaded Caltrain at its busiest stops.

* The family I found for myself, pauca sed bona.

* A whole year without a single Coke Zero, just to get the system reset.


We’re out of milk and cookies but take anything you want off the liquor cabinet (not the Stag’s Leap or the Yellow Spot, I’m not that good a host).

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