wot no platform

They literally could not be bothered to have a platform for the Republican National Convention. How lazy do you have to be not to type out ten simple words?

“Freedom from consequences, for white conservatives, and absolutely nobody else.”

I mean, what else could the message be? When you have a series of blowouts with badly blended makeup – some actual criminals, some only crime-adjacent – blathering about nepotism on a night where two Tr*mp spawn were speaking and blathering about corruption on a night when the Third Lady wiped her ass with the Hatch Act.

The thing that makes me scared about this election is the extent to which they aren’t even hiding it anymore – and nobody in the GOP cares, and no one in the news media will hammer the topic. Shut down the post office to occlude postal voting? Sure. Give a political speech from the Rose Garden? Why not. And the constant bleating of the Sabbath Gasbags: “no one outside the Beltway cares.” No, nobody inside the Beltway cares, and nobody outside the Beltway realizes what is happening because the White House press corps is too hip and inside to explain it. The willingness of Washington elites to shrug and say “all in the game, yo” will destroy American democracy in the long run.

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