The countdowns continue…

Vandy’s got the #2 seed in the SEC tournament, but they’re limping across the finish line. Hope they will straighten up. Meanwhile, women’s hoop has won their conference tournament (again!) and baseball is tightening its grip on #1, so the alumni gathering on Friday should be fun for all. (Yes, I’m actually going to a San Francisco Vanderbilt Club event. I’m 35 now, it’s time to find proper pastimes for someone of my age and deportment that don’t involve closing the pub.)

Meanwhile, my occasional bouts of cellphone glee are making it tougher than ever to wait for the iPhone. I know I don’t NEED a new phone, but I want one anyway. =) However, the necessity of being able to sync it with my MacBook means that almost none of the new hot phones will do for me unless there’s an iSync update or somebody writes a functional 3rd-party plugin (and given the dearth of success getting my old L2 to sync, I am not sanguine about the prospects for that working – even if the carrier-gimped Motos from Cingular were worth buying).

Old so old before my time…;]

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