Well that’s a damn shame

Look, I know he’s a bit of a wackadoo*, but I’ve got a soft spot for Bobby Jindal. I mean, the guy was a Rhodes Scholar, he’s not an idiot by any stretch. But he aspires to be a player in the GOP, and that means he has to get up there and do the same shtick as every other aspiring GOP national figure since the rise of the crackers in the early 1990s. One wag suggested that Jindal only got the gig because he’s the only Republican who can sound like one of Boss Hogg’s constituents without looking like one. I wouldn’t go that far, but I will say this: forcing your rising star to sing off the same song sheet as everyone else is cataclysmically stupid. Like drafting Magic Johnson and then making him take two-handed set shots from fifteen feet every time down the court.

The big names in modern politics get to be big names because they change the game. Bobby Jindal has the talent to change the game, but not if he has to run the same offense as Newt Gingrich in 1993. You’re going to see a lot of commentary, and from conservatives, griping that Bobby Jindal had a golden opportunity presented to him and that he shit the bed. But I don’t think it’s all his fault – not as long as he’s being made to chase a jet with a biplane.

* Okay, maybe ‘wackadoo’ is a bit strong. He’s a Hindu-heritage convert to Catholicism who participated in an exorcism. I’m a Zen Baptist with alternating flashes of Catholicism and atheism who believes that how I smoke my pipe or order my drinks has a direct and immediate influence on what Vanderbilt does against Kentucky. Let he among you who is without metaphysical idiosyncrasy cast the first stone…

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  1. Nope, wackadoo is right on the money. I worked in the Health System when he headed it. I saw him move to Met-ry just to run for office. I have had several run ins with him and they all point to wackadoo. Personable wackadoo, but still.

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