Development of the night

Senator Evan Bayh (Dumb Fuck-Indiana), already angling to take over leadership of the Senate Bottom Committee from Holy Joe Likud and Ben Nelson, is out there claiming that the loss in Massachusetts means that the Democrats have overreached and “just the furthest left elements of the Dem party [are] attempting to impose their will on the rest of the country.”

Right: listen up, you fucking coward: the Democrats MADE their common cause with ‘independents and moderates.’ The entire goddamn bill was held hostage to the will of Lieberman and Nelson (and to a lesser extent, Lincoln and Landrieu and Snowe), none of whom are going to be getting money from Daily Kos readers in the near future. In fact, the reason this health care bullshit is even still going on is because the whole thing was given to six Senators from one-cow-one-vote states somewhere in tumbleweed country for a whole goddamn month in August, when at least three of them (all sporting an R) knew full well they were going to agree to nothing. In fact, every single person who pays attention to politics in this country knew that there were no Republican votes to be had, because the GOP’s whole gameplan for the last year has been “No On Everything.”

So this health care package represents what it took to win all 60 Democrats, including your dumb ass. That’s right, you fucking chickenshit, you already voted for this bill. And now it looks like you’re going to be spared having to vote again, because the only hope is for the House to pass exactly what the Senate passed, so you’re spared the necessity of having to risk your neck again. But guess what: you’re already tarred and feathered. You’re going to get the full brunt of the Republican assault, no matter how much you quail and retreat and offer up your anus.

The problem isn’t that the Democrats are too conservative, or too liberal, it’s that the people who need to sack up and fight? Don’t. Or won’t. Hell with it. Hell with all of them. Let’s lose down to, say 54 Democrats in the Senate, including that worthless catamite Harry Reid, and then let’s have some people who fight instead of sitting around weeping that they might get called names.

The enemy isn’t conservatism, or liberalism. The enemy is bullshit. And it’s time to take the fight to the bullshit – and the bullshitters.

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