NaBloPoMo, day 28: through the haze

My Redskins bar is going away. I don’t know if I went into detail on that before, but the short version is that Dan Brown lost his lease. The rent went up, the property owners screwed him, he is bailing out. I left him a shot of Gentleman Jack and my card, and I hope to be there the night he opens his next place. Don’t know what the options are, but none of them are good (see last Sunday’s post for details).

So what to think about today? I’m still half lit and I have civic duties to discharge in an hour or so…

Well, mash-ups. I have been fascinated forever with the idea that you can cram two songs together and make more than the sum of the whole. I think the first one I got was in fall 2000, Eminem and Britney Spears, with the rap from “The Real Slim Shady” over the music of “Oops I Did It Again.” Which was just fine. But hell, years before that, I had visions of putting the rap from the Beastie Boys’ “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” over Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion,” and if I knew one damn thing about ProTools or Garage Band or whatever, I would have done it already. Hell, “Mama Said Knock You Out” is just begging to be dropped over the beat from MC Hammer’s “It’s All Good” and there’s a remarkable overlap between Elton John and Billy Joel for an engineer with time and patience (trade beats and lyrics between “Keepin’ the Faith” and “Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and you can get two for one). Hell, some of the stuff that came out of Glee is just begging to be used as Quake music – how many kills could I have gotten to “Halo/Walking On Sunshine” back in the day?

Screw it, it’s Christmas time at last. Granted, there’s as many depressants flying around as in 2007, but inshallah there’s more of a coping mechanism now. Not to mention I DON’T HAVE TO GO TO TALIBAMA THIS YEAR. That ought to do for quite a bit. When you can bag the old country off in ten minutes on the phone instead of six long days in person where you have to drive out to find a cell signal, your life is much improved. At least we’re not bothered with bowl games at this point…sheesh.

BTW, yesterday’s raveout about Vandy scored multiple recs at Anchor of Gold. I may be drunk, but I’m not crazy.

And I’m not coming up with another hundred words just to pad it out to five hundred. Hit me up tomorrow.

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