The LORD giveth, and the LORD taketh away…

Well, there’s Vandy down the tank. Needed that one. And I seriously doubt that Kentucky will roll over for us. No undefeated teams left in the SEC. Stand by for some sclub school like South Florida or Hawaii getting a berth in the title game. Actually, don’t. The undeserving teams always get paired with the ones they’re most likely to beat, so they can eke out a win and them complain that they deserve a piece of the title. How about this: play more than one ranked team and then talk to me. Better yet, play the #1 team on a neutral site. Be sure to write out your farewells to loved ones first. If South Florida had to go into Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, you could bury the whole team in one casket. Preferably closed.

Meanwhile, Cal…memo to Kevin Riley: there will be better days coming. Freshmen were put on this earth to do stupid things, and if that stunt you pulled in the last 14 seconds is the dumbest thing you do on or off the field this year, you got off light. Believe me when I say that. You did a lot of good things under trying circumstances, and will get better with every opportunity. However, deciding to leg it with a linebacker between you and the endzone – with a 29-yard tying field goal still possible if you threw the ball away – was hands down the stupidest !!!!-ing thing anyone has done all year in college football. I know Tedford was defending you up and down in public, which is good, but somebody needs to tie a cinderblock to your ankles in practice this week. THROW – IT – AWAY.

Your new Top 3: Ohio State, Boston College, South Florida. Everything that has happened in college football for the last 10 years has made it a worse game, and I’m running out of patience. Most of all, I’m getting sick of one 5-win season after another in Nashville. Even an Alabama team crippled by probation with an amiable dunce at the controls managed 10 wins and a New Years’ Day bowl. Either suck less or cancel football.

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