Sick. -ish.

V. sick. However, am somewhat improved by Vandy’s win over UK on Senior Day. (Vandy has won the last four against Kentucky. FOUR. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.) They only took the lead at one point, but it was the last point, which is all that matters. Should have thought to go out to the car and listen to it. Meanwhile, I have a chiro appointment and an eye exam on Monday and a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday to see if this is sinus infection, or allergy, or what – and if I need to see an allergist for the first time since the Carter administration and maybe see about getting shots for this.

I gave up soda for Lent, by the way, so I’m going to be grouchy as nobody’s business until…well, probably until Easter.


I would also be remiss not to point out that on the same day that Vandy men’s basketball re-enters the polls (AP #17, coaches #21), the Vandy men’s baseball team found themselves ranked #1 in Baseball America‘s college baseball poll.

Go back and read that again. #1. In. The. Country.

And to think when I arrived, McGugin Field didn’t even have lights.

Proof, if any were needed, of what I’ve said all along: there is absolutely no reason that top-flight academics and top-flight athletics cannot coexist in college sports, and anybody who says otherwise is using academic standards as a crutch for an inability to close the deal. A lesson somebody could stand to take to heart in the West End of Birmingham.

Birthday presents

Half a life ago, this was going to be the birthday I announced my candidacy for President in 2008. I was supposed to be the sitting junior Senator from Alabama, too…it’s tough not to look at Barack Obama and think that he stole my gimmick. But long story short, there’s not really a lot of things to ask for when you’re 35 and you’ve got a house and a car and a wife and such. =)

So I ordered my birthday present just now: a Celtic home shirt. Maybe the sponsor will change, but the Hoops are forever – so I anticipate getting plenty of wear out of it. Besides, I can wear a soccer shirt and look just fine – but any other kind of jersey just makes me look like a dork. Hopefully it shows up by the 1st – that and a couple of nice dinners and I’m happy to roll another year over the odometer.

I don’t normally do this…

…because I spent years and years wearing black on Valentine’s Day, and I don’t buy into the Valentine-industrial complex at all, and if you really love somebody, you have 365 Valentine’s Days a year so there’s no need to get wacky on a random date instead of your actual anniversary (or anniversaries as the case may be). Nevertheless…


There. =)

Cellphone Glee Subsided

As most of you know, I have a little cellphone problem. In that I have had about two dozen of them in the last 10 years and never seem to be satisfied with any of them. Whenever I think I’ve found THE ONE, it turns out to be too bulky, too short of battery life, too cumbersome, or just have some weird problem like the Moto side-button beeps. And so I have come to the conclusion…

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Another test…

…this time of Ecto, the all-everything Mac blogging tool. If it works out for me, I will certainly be using this in future. Now I just have to figure out why the split pane…



Another 12 hour day at the office. For some reason, as soon as there’s a crisis that is somebody else’s problem, I’m a rock star. It’s only my own problems that I can’t seem to sort out. =)
This is also a test of MarsEdit, an aging but still game blog client for Mac OS X. If this works out, I may start using it (in conjunction with NetNewsWire) to handle all my RSS and blogging needs, and can finally start reading feeds the way God intended instead of loading up three or four browser windows with a dozen tabs apiece every time I want to see what’s up in the world.