iPhone Eve!

i get my iPhone tomorrow. Probably. At least that’s the plan. Likely as not I will be spending most of the day troubleshooting and raising hell with wireless procurement trying to get my account sorted. But hey, whatever it takes. By this time tomorrow night, the laptop will no longer be my primary connection to the Internet. Now all I need to do is make sure the Google secure Wi-Fi network works on it..

Also, here’s a tip: when choosing a co-location facility, make sure that their backup power actually comes on when the power goes out. That’s why I co-loc with my brother-in-law and not 365 Main ;]

At long last…

There’s now a place in my building to go get coffee. This is a huge breakthrough. I had previously considered trying to rig things up with a French press and a bag of coarse-ground Kenya AA, or a funnel and some paper filters – we have a water cooler that does some sort of hot-water output which I had previously used for tea, but the infrastructure associated with coffee made it too tough to get the black gold until now.

Funny thing was that the guys in the shop at my last job had to have their coffee, and we had an actual pot down there as well as the stand upstairs, but I never had the compulsion to drink it that I have picked up in the last 3-4 months. I don’t know how that came about, and I apologize for repeating myself, but coffee to me is where boba tea was for my wife 5 years ago: every waking minute is spent drinking one or figuring out where the next one is coming from.

Coffee has a civilizing effect on me. I don’t know why that is, but if you go back far enough, you can see it working on me in high school, when the ground-up-dirt-and-all-with-no-milk-or-sugar brews in AP Physics got me my last A in a science class. Or in college, where the 4-cup coffepot at 8 AM was the only thing getting me to my early class January of my freshman year. Or now, where for 2 bucks or less I have a distraction, a stimulant, and a 30-second time out all in one. Not just good, good for you. Or so I hope.

Counting the days…

My iPhone arrives at the end of the month. This will be my third pass at a smartphone in the last four years. The first was the SonyEricsson P800, which was an interesting touchscreen-based device but one which was ultimately too flawed to be useful. The second was the Nokia 6620, which was just too bloody big. But his is dead solid perfect…from all my testing. Most of all, it’s a complete replacement for my laptop 95% of the time…which begs the question, do I even keep a laptop? Couldn’t I just get by on the iMac at home?

It’s going to be quite a summer down the stretch…