50 wins.

Regular-season title.

Tournament champions.

#1 in the rankings.



Spoke too soon.

Well, work went a little pear-shaped this week. Can it be a coincidence that this was the week of the mini-heatwave in the South Bay? I doubt it. Anyway, a long weekend (with a possible extra day off next week, time permitting) is just what I need at this point. I’m two theater movies in arrears, I have a Scottish Cup final shown on TV on Tuesday (NO SPOILERS!), there’s a new ep of The Zombie Show (a.k.a. Studio 60…it’s been so long that I don’t care any more, but may as well finish it). Actually it’s sort of unfair, because two new shows have been slotted into that Monday space since they pulled the plug on S60…and both of them have been cancelled. Maybe if they’d put S60 on in place of, say, that dinosaur on Thursday nights, we might have something…

anyway, back to holding down the fort.

I really didn’t want to make this post…

…for fear of a jinx. But the last couple of days at work have gone really well since I got back. Sure, it’s been slow, but that was to be expected after the chaos of April and doing two jobs for most of the month. There’s the usual stuff to deal with, but it’s been less irritating than previously – and certainly less so than my first week back doing just my work.

Apparently, the Myers-Briggs that I took confirmed just what I expected: INTP. Severe INTP. I couldn’t be any more of a Cylon if my spinal cord lit up while I was…erm…anyway, suffice it to say that I remain just the sort of employee you’d expect in a state governed by an Austrian robot from the future.

(It doesn’t hurt that the heat finally broke and now it’s cool at night again. This is key. I don’t want to write another string of three-figure checks to PG&E all summer because we had to keep the AC running all the time.)