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This post comes to you from the Moto X, which I still keep trying to find a reason to need. Jony Ive can take his shots in the New Yorker, but it doesn’t change the fact that the original X is the most innovative device since the iPhone 4 – it may not have given Motorola the boost it was hoping for but the following among its fans is unmistakeable. And I’d still rather have it in my pocket than my 6, just from a tactile standpoint.

Android 5 had better hurry, though. Battery is still the curse of Android. And I still haven’t found a satisfactory mail client, which is less of an issue than it used to be (iMessage is another story, but if I’m on the Moto X it’s usually to get away from it all). I do seriously love it for Kindle purposes, though. I think there’s a world where I could have the Moto X and the iPad mini and be satisfied with my computing situation. Assuming I could pop in the Bluetooth headphones and leave the iPad in my jacket pocket…but there’s that other world again.

Speaking of, I’m on my way there again: the third straight Tahoe trip. I went in 2013 to get away from a truly miserable month of work, and was left to sip coffee by the fire (with perhaps a little Gentleman Jack in it) and just read with my feet up and my thick socks on. It was bliss, and I can’t wait to be back there. Maybe this is the year I break down and go to one of the casinos to see what’s doing with that craps table.