The Melt

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a place described with three simple words: “hipster grilled cheese.”

And yet, it’s hard not to think that this is the direction fast food is headed and they just got there first.  Simple organic ingredients.  Gluten-free bread where required.  All the packaging is either compostable or is in cans (including PBR, natch, but also champagne-in-a-can of the sort my surrogate sister brings to parties). Your options for sweetening the tea are either stevia or raw sugar.  Metal trays and baskets instead of cheap plastic.

In short, it’s a mild variant on the In N Out model: make one thing (albeit with several variations in this case) and make it well.  Soup and grilled-cheese sandwich – sure, it buys into the same re-juvenile phenomenon that helps propel the cupcake shop down the way, but it’s also classic comfort food at a time when people really do want to be comfortable.

Hell, it was tasty enough for me to visit a couple of times this week, even with the temperatures unseasonably warm at noontime.  I can only imagine that it’d go down even better were it actually 45 degrees out.

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