So Levi’s and Filson are collaborating again. This year, the Tin Cloth trucker jacket has an additional black version alongside the tan. And during Bay Super Weekend last Sunday I had the opportunity to try it on at the Levi’s flagship in Union Square.

As it turns out, the fit is a lot more normal. All they had was a large, and I needed an XL, but it was easy to extrapolate from the large that I only need to go up the one size. And the black looked better than I was expecting. I need black outerwear like I need a hole in the head – I have the shell, the Vandy soft shell, the Claiborne casual jacket, the black Uniqlo blouson, the WWDC zip-up thing, plus a peacoat in a true navy that’s almost indistinguishable from black and an old oilcloth duster that came from DC and is probably only of use for costume parties at this point.

So why this one?

For starters, it checks a whole lot of random boxes. Classic American workwear. The denim jacket look without being a jean jacket. Made in the USA by two iconic American brand names. Water resistance without the “performance outerwear” look that everybody else relies on. I may not be a trucker, but I’m a hell of a lot closer than being a hiker.

Drawbacks: it’s woefully expensive. It’s not got a hood, which is a detriment to the whole waterproof thing (although in a steady pour I’m going to be using an umbrella, one hopes). It won’t hold the iPad inside, but that’s what the shoulder holster is meant to provide (once the shoulder is healthy).

But it’s like the automatic watch, or the 1460 For Life DMs, or my Rickshaw and Timbuk2 bags, or the peacoat – it’s something I could legitimately use for the rest of my life.

Something to think about.

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