Tech Tuesday

* The AIO experiment is happening.  There’s going to be a month at $45 with unlimited talk and text and 2.5 GB of LTE data throttled at 8 Mbps, and we’re going to see if it makes a difference.  There’s also a 703 number associated with it…of which more later.

* Samsung got dinged for what is basically lagniappe, a hundred million dollars or so for violating some Apple patents.  Forgiveness is better than permission – Samsung, more than any other Android vendor, ripped off the Apple UX wholesale and for their trouble got a commanding share of the Android market.  Shameless.  Any idiot can look and see what happened – the packaging changed, the power adapter changed, the colors of icons were the same – but they’re pretty much going to skate with it.  Microsoft managed to make a touch UI that looks nothing like iOS.  That’s actual innovation.  Samsung just pauses every couple of years to try to wash the slime off.

* Once again, a quick review of my correspondents shows that basically everyone I text with is on an iPhone.  It’s going to be tricky to move off.  The things that the iPhone is indispensable on for me are text messages, email and media content – but maybe toting the iPad will help with that.

* I still haven’t seen an episode of Silicon Valley since the first one. I need to find the time and make the time, but for some reason my heart’s not in it.  I wonder if that’s a result of looking at the real thing all around me. Sometimes I wonder if the thing you have to come to grips with when you stop being Nuke and start being Crash is that you have to accept that 21 days in the majors was all that was going to happen, and that at the end of the day you’re a really good triple-A player.  But like I say…of which more later.

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