Before we take the plunge…

…the conventional wisdom is already firming up that it’s going to be Hillary vs Trump. And that’s terrifying to me. Not because I have any doubt that HRC would do a fine job as President – at least as fine a job as it’s possible to do in the 21st century with our inherently-broken system – but because Democrats fall in love, Republicans fall in line, and I am positive that for every Bernie millenial that sighs and punches out of the process there’s a Republican who will forget they tweeted #NeverTrump last week and join the National Review in deciding that no matter how bad The Donald is, he’s still better than allowing the Evil Queen Bitch-Goddess of all Republican demonology for the last 25 years to make her way into the White House.

Memo to all Democrats thinking of crossing the aisle to pull the lever for Trump because he’s more beatable: you better fucking know you’ll be able to beat him.

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